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Sauriel (OC)

Height: 6ft 2ins
Eyes: Blue
Hair: On the long side, dark brown.
Accent: British.
Species: Angel.
Wings (when manifest): Pure, pure white, almost as if there's light inside them. Usually Sauriel appears without his wings.

Sauriel is a Dominion/Erelim hybrid. He reports directly to the Archangels, and acts as handler/OIC to a number of 'agents of light'.

More on the OC headcanon here.

 photo raban02_zpss0miqyw8.jpg

(The name 'Sauriel' is a made-up one, however there is an angel in scripture called Sariel, whose name can rarely be spelt the same way as this guy. This character is not based on Sariel, he's a complete OC. The mun just phailed at checking her facts when coming up with a name.)

((Not affiliated to Richard Armitage in any way. No money being made. The character 'Sauriel' belongs to me. Mun and Muse both well over 21))
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